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1203 Minutes 6 March 2012

Board of Trustees Minutes

Tuesday 6th March 2012  5.30pm


Maraea Kea (Chair), Chicky Rudkin (Principal), Kaz Chamberlain (Staff Trustee), Mary Davis, Lisa Tuwhangai, Ange Davis

In Attendance

Graeme Shaw (Deputy Principal), Don Edmonds (Secretary) (Late)


  1. School Administration Officer Position

Resolved that in accordance with BOT procedure Kohi Manukau be appointed as School Administration Officer as of 20 February, 2012.  Chicky/Ange


  1. Education Review Office - Review 26-28 March

            Arriving Monday 26th March, process explained to Board Members.

  1. Administration
    1. Apologies  - Nil
    2. Minutes of the previous meeting  -
      Resolved that minutes are a true and accurate record.  Kaz/Maraea
    3. Correspondence  -  
      Resolved that the correspondence be received. Chicky/Maraea


  1. Financial Report

Resolved that the financial report be accepted.   Kaz/Ange


Bank Account Signatories

Resolved that the signatories for the board’s bank accounts be any two of: Athlene Rudkin (Principal), Kohi Manukau (Administration Officer), Maraea Kea (Board Chairperson), and Don Edmonds (Board Secretary).   Kaz/Ange

  1. Curriculum Review Report

Resolved that the Te Reo Māori report be accepted. Chicky/Mary

  1. Strategic Focus
    1. 2011 Variance Report
    2. 2012 Goals

Resolved that the 2011 variance report and the 2012 goals be accepted. Kaz/Lisa


  1. Special Topics
    1. 2011 Attendance Report - to come
    2. Elect Chairperson (Required to be done at the first meeting of every year)

Resolved that Maraea Kea be elected as our chairperson for 2012  Chicky/Mary

    1. 2012 Annual Agenda

Resolved that the Annual agenda be approved. Kaz/Chicky

    1. Funding Applications

Resolved that the board approves the application to Sport Northland for funds for the Tryathlon.  Kaz/Chicky

Resolved that the board approves the application to Pub Charity for funds for sports uniforms.  Kaz/Chicky

Resolved that the board approves the application the Halberg Trust for funds for Riding for the Disabled fees.  Kaz/Chicky

Signed M Kea (Chair)

8 May 2012