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1112 Minutes 6 December 2011

  1. New Board Member That the board selects Lisa Tuwhangai onto the board and welcomes her to this meeting. (Chicky/Angie)
  2. Administration
    1. Apologies Kaz and Don  (Mary/Maraea)
    2. Minutes of the previous meeting
      1. That the minutes are a true and accurate record (Mary/Maraea)
    3. Correspondence
      1. That the agreement between the board and Chris McMurray as our new property consultant be signed. (Chicky/Maraea)
      2. That Stevie Woodman’s request for maternity leave from 7.2.12 to 23.5.12 be granted. (Chicky/Angie)
    4. Financial Reports
      1. Finance Graphs 
      2. Finance Commentary 
      3. Finance Summary
      4. That the Financial report be accepted(Chicky/Mary)
  3. Operations Policy Review Report - Personnel
    1. That the personnel report be accepted (Chicky/Maraea)
  4. Curriculum Review Report - Health and Physical Education
    1. That the Health and PE report be accepted (Chicky/Maraea)
  5. Strategic Focus - Goal Two - Numeracy
    1. That the Strategic Focus report on goal 2 (Numeracy) be accepted (Angie/Lisa)
  6. Special Topics
    1. 2012 Budget - Summary
    2. 2012 Budget - link to download full budget as an Excel Spreadsheet
    3. That the 2012 budget be approved (Maraea/Mary)
  7. Consent Items - Resolutions Required
    1. That the board approves an application to the Halberg Trust for funding for Riding for Disabled fees 2012.  (Maraea/Lisa)
    2. That the board approves an application to the ASB Trust for funding for a hall sound system. (Maraea/Lisa)
    3. That the board approves an application to the Pub Charity for funding for visualisors and ICT equipment. (Maraea/Lisa)
    4. That the board approves an application to the Oxford Trust for funding for sports equipment. (Maraea/Lisa)
  8. General Business
    1. That the appointments committee for the two advertised vacancies consist of Chicky, Maraea and Graeme. (Mary/Lisa)
    2. That the board subsidises any board member who attends the staff end-of-year function at “The Fat Pig” so that the cost to the member is the same as a staff member. (Mary/Chicky)
  9. The meeting closed at 6:35