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1108 Minutes 9 August 2011

9 August 2011

Kaikohe East School Board - Minutes



Maraea Kea (Chair), Chicky Rudkin (Principal), Kaz Chamberlain (Staff Trustee), Angie Davis, Mary Davis.

In Attendance

Don Edmonds (Secretary), Graeme Shaw (Deputy Principal).


RESOLVED    Chicky/Kaz
That the Minutes are a correct record of the previous meeting.

Matters Arising

Noted that Chicky is attending a meeting with other schools re National Standards tomorrow. Further action will be discussed with staff and a decision on the next steps will be made at the next board meeting.


RESOLVED    Chicky/Maraea
That the inward correspondence is received and the outward approved.

Matters Arising

RESOLVED    Kaz/Angie

That the Financial Position Budget 2011 is approved (View Download)

Financial Reports

RESOLVED   Kaz/Maraea
That the June Financial Reports are received.

Curriculum Review

RESOLVED   Kaz/Maraea
That the Mathematics Curriculum Review report is received.

Noted in Discussion
    • Staff are currently moving towards recording student achievement data on ETAP and this will facilitate the provision of appropriate data in future board reports.

Strategic Focus

RESOLVED    Kaz/Maraea
That the Strategic Goals - Goal 2 - Numeracy report is received.

Noted in Discussion
    • The report does not provide any student achievement data.

Special Topics


RESOLVED   Kaz/Angie

That the Property Report is received.

Noted in Discussion
      • Discussion about the role of the Property Consultant
      • The need to engage a new Property Consultant may lead to a change in the property plans as the previous consultant’s rates were less than the norm.

Governance Policy Review

    • Don will resend links  - two more responses to be completed.
    • Report to be received at the next meeting.

New Members

    • All members to consider how to best fill the vacancy for a parent representative.