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1106 Minutes 28 June 2011

28 June 2011

Kaikohe East School Board - Minutes



Chicky, Kaz, Maraea, Angie



Don, Graeme, Mary


RESOLVED   Kaz/Maraea

That the apologies are accepted.



RESOLVED    Chicky/Maraea

That the Minutes are a correct record of the previous meeting. 


RESOLVED   Kaz/Angie

That the inward correspondence is received and the outward approved.


Matters Arising

RESOLVED   Maraea/Kaz

That Robin's leave application is approved.


RESOLVED   Chicky/Maraea

That Renata's leave application is approved.


RESOLVED   Kaz/Angie

That the board supports Graeme's application for Sabbatical Leave in 2012.


RESOLVED   Kaz/Maraea

That the board supports Elaine's application for Sabbatical Leave in 2012.


RESOLVED   Angie/Chicky

That the board supports Kaz's application for Study Leave in 2012.


RESOLVED   Chicky/Kaz

That the secretary writes to Alf to acknowledge his resignation and thank him for his service to the board.


Noted in Discussion

Graeme and Elaine will not be granted sabbatical leave for the same term, and sabbatical leave will not be granted at a time that the Education Review Office is reviewing the school.


Financial Reports

RESOLVED   Angie/Maraea

That the Financial Reports are received.


Matters Arising

RESOLVED   Kaz/Maraea

That the board notes that at 31 May 2011 it had a working capital of $437,343.93 and therefore it approves expenditure of up to $25,000 to complete the playground matting project


Operations Policy Review

RESOLVED   Maraea/Chicky

That the Legal Responsibilities Policy Review Report is received.


Curriculum Review

RESOLVED   Kaz/Angie

That the Science Curriculum Review Report is received.

Special Topics

Governance Policy Review

Deferred to the next meeting.


Health and Safety Update

RESOLVED    Chicky/Kaz

That the Health and Safety Update is received.


Board Membership

RESOLVED    Angie/Kaz

That the board notes that as Tracy Clarke has now missed more than three meetings there is now a vacancy for a Parent Representative and the board further resolves to fill the vacancy by selection.