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0912 Minutes 7 December 2009

Kaikohe East School Board - Minutes



Jeff Carson (Chair), Chicky Rudkin (Principal), Kaz Chamberlain, Mary Davis, Alf Tango, Maraea Selwyn.


Don Edmonds


RESOLVED    Jeff/Mary
That the minutes are a correct record of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED    Chicky/Jeff
That the inwards correspondence is received.
Matters Arising
Noted from Education Services letter explaining the deficit budget that our funds look good as long as we are careful.

RESOLVED    Chicky/Kaz
That the Board Election Date will be 7 May 2010 and the returning officer is Hariata Birchall.

Financial Report

Resolved    Chicky/Kaz
That the financial report be accepted.

Strategic Focus

RESOLVED    Mary/Maraea
That the Strategic Focus Goal 2 Report – Numeracy is approved.

Special Topics

Principal’s Performance Review Report

Teacher Registration Report

RESOLVED    Mary/Alf
That the Principal’s Performance Review Report and Teacher Registration Reports are approved.

Staffing 2010

Bilingual – Stevie Woodman

Maternity – Cathy Lockear

Senior Fixed Term – Sarah Morgan

Information Communication Technology Professional Development (ICT PD)

Kaikohe East is part of a Ministry funded cluster of 12 schools – three programme to up skill teachers. Robin Taua-Gordon and Graeme Shaw will be lead teachers.

National Standards

RESOLVED    Alf/Chicky
That Kaikohe East School does not or will not support National Standards.

RESOLVED    Maraea/Jeff
That the board approves payment for a staff lunch @ $25 each – 1:30 Tuesday 15 December.