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0911 Minutes 9 November 2009

Kaikohe East School Board - Minutes



Jeff Carson (Chair), Chicky Rudkin (Principal), Kaz Chamberlain, Mary Davis.


Graeme Shaw, Don Edmonds, Alf Tango, Maraea Selwyn

RESOLVED    Jeff/Chicky
That the apologies are accepted.


RESOLVED    Mary/Chicky
That the minutes are a correct record of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED    Chicky/Kaz
That the inwards correspondence is received and the outwards approved
Matters Arising
RESOLVED    Chicky/Jeff
That we approve Rebecca Croucher's maternity leave application.

Financial Report

RESOLVED    Chicky/Jeff
That the Financial Report be accepted.

Curriculum Review Reports

RESOLVED   Mary/Jeff
That all reports be accepted and thanks given to staff who prepared them


Room 8 and likely to be one other position in the Senior Syndicate.

RESOLVED Mary/Chicky

That the appointment committee for positions consist of the following:
For Room 8 – Chicky, Graeme, Robin, Maraea, Jeff. Chicky to liaise re first meeting date.

For any other positions – Chicky, Graeme, Jeff and if appropriate one other staff member within the syndicate of the vacancy.

Application for Funding

That approval be given to the Senior Syndicate to apply for funding to Southern Trust Charity for their 2010 camp.

Cognition Training

That at this stage no further training would be required.


Some discussion about 2010 budget and about figures that had come in to date. With ICT being a focus for 2010 there is a request for purchase of ICT gear, similarly with the camp, if funding was not accessible then this budget area would be approximately $16,000. 

Chicky to contact Warwick again about operating a deficit budget again in order to achieve purchase requests and lessen working capital. 

Concern about auditors comments in the past about allowing deficit budgets to operate.