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2103 Minutes - 29 March 2021 (Unconfirmed)

29 March 2021

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Chicky Rudkin, Kaz Chamberlain, Te Rina Toia, Ruana Gray.

In attendance

Don Edmonds.


RESOLVED    Te Rina/Kaz  

That the minutes are a true record of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED    Chicky/Ruana

That the correspondence is approved.

Matters Arising

RESOLVED    Te Rina/Chicky

That the Draft Financial Statements 2020 are approved.

Financial Reports

RESOLVED   Kaz/Ruana

That the January financial report is received.

Curriculum Review

RESOLVED    Ruana/Te Rina

That the Arts curriculum review report is received.

Policy Review

RESOLVED    Chicky/Kaz

That the Health and Safety Policy Review Report is adopted.

Special Topics


Teacher Registration and Police Vets

RESOLVED    Ruana/Chicky

That the Teacher Registration and Police Vets report is received.

Consultation Plan

RESOLVED    Kaz/Te Rina

That the Consultation Plan is approved.


Noted in Discussion

  • Social Media has been added to the consultation plan.


Board Membership

RESOLVED    Te Rina/Ruana

That the board secretary checks whether Totorewa is still eligible to be a trustee, and if not, report to the next board meeting on the procedure to replace her.



Next Meeting - 11:30am - Monday 17 May  2021

Signed Date