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2002 Minutes - 24 February

24 February 2020

Kaikohe East School Board Minutes


Chicky Rudkin, Kaz Chamberlain, Lisa Tuwhangai, Te Rina Toia, Totorewa Rountree

In Attendance

Don Edmonds

Elect Chair

RESOLVED    Kaz/Totorewa

That Te Rina Toia is elected as Chairperson of the Kaikohe East School Board.

Public Excluded

RESOLVED    Lisa/Te Rina

That the public be excluded from the following parts of the proceedings of this meeting.

The general subject matter to be considered while the public is excluded, the reason for passing this resolution in relation to this matter and the specific grounds under sections 48(1)(a), 7(2)(a) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 for the passing of this resolution are as follows:

General Subject Matter


Leave Request

7(2)(a)To protect the privacy of natural persons

Principal’s Performance Management

7(2)(a)To protect the privacy of natural persons


RESOLVED   Chicky/Totorewa

That the minutes  are a true record of the previous meeting.


RESOLVED   Te Rina/Lisa

That the correspondence is approved.

Noted in Discussion

  • All school staff are to receive the living wage or better and the Ministry of Education will cover the increased cost to the school.

Financial Reports

RESOLVED   Kaz/Te Rina

That the November 2019 and December 2019 Financial Reports are received.

Noted in Discussion

  • The draft December 2019 report shows that we will carry forward Available Funds of $259,583.

 Curriculum Review

RESOLVED    Chicky/Te Rina

That the Te Reo Māori Curriculum Review Report  is received.

Strategic Focus

RESOLVED    Lisa/Kaz

That the 2019 Variance Report is received.


RESOLVED   Totorewa/Chicky

That the 2020 Goals are adopted.


RESOLVED    Te Rina/Lisa

That the 2020 Strategic Plan is adopted.


RESOLVED    Kaz/Totorewa

That the  2020 Charter  is adopted.

Special Topics


RESOLVED    Chicky/Lisa

That the following appointments are confirmed:

  1. Tyme Rata - Teacher

  2. Te-Rangi Doull - Teacher (Fixed Term - 2020 school year)

  3. Nada Woods - Teacher (Fixed Term - 2020 school year)

2020 Budget

RESOLVED   Kaz/Totorewa

That the 2020 Budget is approved.

Noted in Discussion

  • The budget provides for an Operating Surplus of $18,749

  • Moving Support Staff and Caretaking staff to the living wage or better has been provided for.

  • $98,000 has been budgeted for the purchase of capital items (depreciation budgeted as $55,355).

  • Estimated available cash at 31 December 2020 is $348,548.

Kauri Tree

  • It was necessary to remove the Kauri tree by Room 10 to make way for the new water tank.

  • The timber is being kept in storage, to dry, before being made available for carving projects.

Schools Investment Package ($202,356)

  • Chicky has had discussions with Ministry of Education property staff.

  • Possibilities include: 

    • A shade area at the garden

    • Native tree area

    • Discovery garden

    • Turf outside Rooms 3-4

    • Covered lunch area

Next Meeting - 30 March