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1108 Correspondence List - 9 August 2011


  1. Ministry of Education
    1. Circular 2011/14 Settlement of Area Schools and Community Education Staff Collective Agreements (Not applicable to Kaikohe East)
    2. Circular 2011/17 New Collective Agreement for School Caretakers and Cleaners
    3. Letter from Minister Tolley assuring the school that it will be connected to ultra fast broadband by 2015 View Download
    4. Letter from Whangarei office re charter advising that it does not comply View Download
  2. New Zealand School Trustees' Association
    1. Northland School Trustees' Association Newsletter View Download
    2. STA News 214 View Download
  3. Education Services - 2011 Financial Position Budget View Download
  4. Kaikohe Amateur Swimming Club - Thanks for use of pool and hall View Download


  1. To Alf - thanks for his service to the board View  Download
  2. To Tracy - thanks for her service to the board View  Download
  3. To Robin - Leave approved View  Download
  4. To Renata - Leave approved View  Download
  5. To Elaine - Sabbatical Leave application supported View Download
  6. To Graeme - Sabbatical leave application supported View Download
  7. To Kaz - Study Leave application supported View Download